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LOST PETS        

"my cat/dog is lost, what can we do?"

This is a tough time for any family...a few steps to help get you reunited

a) Call for the kitty at dawn and dusk, they are often very close and scared. refer here for lost cat behaviour in helpful tips

b) Leave used litter out at the back door / front door if you can.. the scent helps 

c) Email a description and microchip number to all vets asap. follow up with local vets on the phone.

d) Create a poster and hand out to maids, kids, gardeners and neighbours ... 

e) Don't give up!! It can take weeks to months to at times... you need to be persistent.



We adopted a cat/dog and it is not getting on with our pet/it is aggressive with my child"

Many behaviour issues with cats/dogs can be addressed and there are solutions available.

1. Neuter/spay - the behaviour of intact adults is not pleasant in any household.

2. Environment - make sure your pet has somewhere that is their "safe place" to escape to from other pets/small children. teach small children to be "gentle" with living creatures from the start, it is an important life lesson.

Speak to your vet about calming products available.


"My family member has developed an allergy to the cat/dog and we can't keep it"

Many allergy issues are mistakingly blamed on pets, particularly in the spring and early summer months when a lot of other allergens are in the air in the UAE. Get advice on managing allergies and recommendations for specialists in the area to properly identify your allergy and give you management options.



"I am pregnant and my Dr said I need to rehome my cat"

No, you don't. Toxoplasmosis is manageable with some common sense steps which we can help you with!

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